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Stung at Last!

Ouch!  I was stung by my bees for the first time today – it was only a matter of time.. serves me right for thinking (and telling other people) that I hadn’t been stung yet.  The story goes that my husband Graham was wearing the proper beekeeping head gear (since I am trying to persuade him that he wants to be the main beekeeper in the household) and I had on a hat with a bug net around it – which normally works fine.  But today, as I was trying to look at the each frame to try and spot the (snow) queen, the sun was reflecting off the screen so, I (unwisely as it turned out), decided to lift the protective layer and boom!  An angry bee (never mind the birds!) decided to seek it’s revenge on my cheek. 

I would like to say that I acted calmly but NO!  I screamed and ran away and adding to my panic was the buzzing sound emanating from my hair – as I was ripping the hat off and scrambling to get my hair out of it’s bun – I managed to really scrape my forehead with my nails – which, as it turned out, was a worse inury than the bee sting..  I didn’t know if I was going to swell up from the bee sting – I haven’t been stung by anything for a long time.  Since I am writing this and am not in a hospital bed or significantly deformed, I guess I don’t get an allergic reaction to honey bee stings – hurray!

After I had calmed down and put the hat firmly back on my head (and changed direction so I wasn’t looking into the sun), we looked through the rest of the hive, but couldn’t find the queen.  We did find eggs and quite a lot of brood – so I think all is well.  I was afraid they were going to be ready to swarm with all the hot weather and the fact we haven’t got the second deep body on yet.

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