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In Celebration of Dandelions!

Our lawn is full of beautiful dandelions!  We do not use any artificial chemicals on our lawn and were trying to grow an “Eco-lawn” with fine fescues that have long roots and grow slowly.  Unfortunately it wasn’t started in the right season (late Spring instead of Fall) and didn’t quite turn into the unnatural monocluture as it was supposed to be.   It pains me to spend time and money on the lawn since it is completely non-productive.   I do find it weird that we have to have this monoculture of grass – everywhere else we love flowers, so why not in the lawn?  They provide food for the insects and habitat.  Quick update – they do look pretty ugly once they have turned to seed and it has blown away!  Must keep perspective though – diversity is always better isn’t it?

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My First Ever Blog!

 Having recently decided to transition from environmental consulting in the business world to focus my full attention on my current passion in the farming world – organic vegetables, fruit and a little beekeeping on the side, I decided to share the experience.  More on the reasons for the transition later….in the meantime this blog will be a record of my family’s journey to become more self-sufficient. It will be a diary of what we are growing, how we are growing it and what’s going well (or not) and what we are cooking with all these new types of veggies!  I’ll try and make it interesting and fun – but mostly it’s a record of what’s happening in Winifred’s Little Acre (my backyard veggie patch – named after my Grandma’s smaller, but productive, veggie patch).

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