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Start of Preservation Season..

See photos below – I pickled my first ever cucumbers today.  Pretty easy, I opted for the no water bath method, i.e. refrigerate method. Basically you boil the water, vinegar and spices, soak the cucs for 30 mins then pack into jars, place in fridge and wait 3 weeks.. I’ll report back at a later date on the outcome!

I also pickled some beets – I boil, peel, slice, then pack into jars and cover with 50% water/vinegar mix. These are also stored in fridge.  I used the Braggs organic apple cider vinegar for the first time, I’m interested to taste them – no long wait required, I’ll check them out tomorrow.

Rain at last!  Now I want it to stop so I can sow some root crops for Fall and transplant my brassicas.  Never satisfied!

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Garlic Harvestime!

A good sweaty day in the garden with my new phone/camera. Maybe I’ll be a better blogger now??

See photos of the garlic digger and garlic – both look great!  Plus photos of my companion plants doing their thing – namely borage attracting bees to pollinate the tomatoes.

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