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That’s Good Luck Isn’t it?

I bought a new pair of boots for gardening last week – my fancy wellies from Target had given up already after only 2 years (can’t get the quality these days) and I had destroyed the soles of my make-shift gardening shoes by excessive digging, so I splashed out on a pair of leather working boots from Tractor Supply (that should last me for many years). 

Anyhow, I was wearing them (with the tag still on) deciding whether the size I had chosen was right and was messing about with the compost pile when I noticed Cheyenne (our fluffy dog) doing her business down in a rough part of the garden.  So over I went to pick it up.  I approached carefully, but couldn’t immediately see the poop but then became distracted by some litter.  Still thinking I was being careful, I stepped towards another piece of litter and thought “umm the poo must be nearby I can smell it” – but guess what – the inevitable had happened, I had stepped right into the poop with my new boots! 

After a few choice words and scraping my boots over the grass and other vegetation, I had to laugh at myself and thought – “I guess I’ll be keeping the boots then!”  Luckily the fit is OK.

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Scavenging for Soil

We had a funny today – I wanted some soil to mix in with the organic potting compost I purchased for the new cold frame and of course, since everything is frozen solid here – there is no chance of digging any up manually.  But as luck would have it, they just started clearing a site for a new house down our road.  So I thought to myself, they won’t miss a bit of that lovely soft newly excavated soil.  So after a couple of days thinking about it, my son, Torri and I set off with a spade and a large container wading through the shin-high snow towards the huge pile.   When we got the pile (it was a weekend so no workers around), I plunged my spade towards the lovely looking soil, and wollop – no go – the soil was frozen!  So Torri, who is getting the “I can do everything better than you Mum” age, said “Give me the spade, I’ll show you how to get some soil”  He went ahead and whacked the soil as hard as he could, but the spade, instead of smashing the soil into collectible pieces, just bounced back with a “ting!”.  At that we both fell about laughing and left the building site empty handed (or bucketed).

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