The Garlic is Ready! Gardener’s Journal 7/16/11

July 16, 2011 at 4:13 pm 2 comments

How satisfying it was  (and just a bit sweaty) to dig up 96 great heads of garlic yesterday!  I had to fight through the weeds to get to them, but it was worth it! I attended the Easton Garlic Festival last Fall and purchased a bulk load of garlic – mainly Turkish Red, but also a variety pack that included German Red, Music, Elephant, French to name but a few.  My son and I planted the bulbs late last October, we mulched them with pine needles and waited…  I cut the scapes off in May (although some escaped – resulting in smaller heads) and treated them to some fish fertilizer in Spring and that was pretty much it – they are a very low maintenance crop!  The yield was pretty impressive – about 90% of the bulbs produced full heads.  (A few of them had gone too far and were splitting at the top – but I will use or trade these ones early).. I made a screen from hardware cloth and an old window frame for them to lie on to cure (out of the sun, dry place) for a week or two.

This week has been hot but productive, I can last until about 11:30am in the hot sun and then I have to retreat inside – how do those real farmers do it?  I sprayed my fruit trees with the homemade beneficial spray again – this time it included Neem and Bt for insect control as well as the usual molasses, vinegar, soap and seaweed extract.  I got really annoyed though, I had purchased a new gallon sprayer and after 10 mins of spraying, the handle (on/off switch) failed and it was such a pain to keep fixing during the spraying (luckily only my dog was the only witness to the expletives being muttered!).  Whilst I was dealing with the trees, I decided to prune them – the peach tree was getting a bit tall, cherry that I am training in a fan against the fence had a center branch that needed to come out, and the apple had two central leaders that I had to choose between.  It was tough, but it had to be done!

I started on the new raised bed for the carrots this week and also decided to where I am going to locate the new raised bed for my fall/winter produce – I thought it was going in or near the fenced garden but realized it needed to be nearer to the house (to make it more usable in the winter), so it will go by the back deck where the cold frame is currently.  I think I am going to use concrete blocks to frame that out too – the ground is not level there and so I was worried about using wood or plastic lumber.

I sowed some more green beans and a few peas – just to see if they would work this year (I planted them too late last year and the flowers didn’t survive the cold weather).  The various squashes are doing very well so far – the butternut is flowering and we ate the first yellow summer squash last night – no signs of squash bugs or cucumber beetle this year.

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  • 1. Jeff Kosh  |  July 28, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    Hi Lorna – It’s Jeff from Drifting Drive. So how much did you prune from your fruit trees? I’ve heard/read that it’s best to do most pruning during late winter (Feb/Mar).

    Also, how often does the garden club meet? Is it every weekend?

    Happy gardening!

    • 2. winifredslittleacre  |  August 4, 2011 at 1:42 am

      Hi Jeff – you can also prune the fruit trees in the July time frame – this apparently does not encourage more growth (unlike the Feb/Mar pruning). So I took out one of the two “central” leaders in the apple tree and the central branch of my cherry that I am trying to train against the fence. I am definitely no expert on pruning though, I want to find a course for home fruit growers – let me know if you come across one and I’ll do the same for you.

      The Woodbyne Fresh Market is every Sunday – it is going really well! We had our biggest turn out last Sunday and plenty of veggies (I feel quite inadequate with my offerings – but am able supplement what I don’t have growing or ready yet so it is perfect for me).

      Hope to see you soon, Lorna.


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