That’s Good Luck Isn’t it?

March 23, 2011 at 2:40 am Leave a comment

I bought a new pair of boots for gardening last week – my fancy wellies from Target had given up already after only 2 years (can’t get the quality these days) and I had destroyed the soles of my make-shift gardening shoes by excessive digging, so I splashed out on a pair of leather working boots from Tractor Supply (that should last me for many years). 

Anyhow, I was wearing them (with the tag still on) deciding whether the size I had chosen was right and was messing about with the compost pile when I noticed Cheyenne (our fluffy dog) doing her business down in a rough part of the garden.  So over I went to pick it up.  I approached carefully, but couldn’t immediately see the poop but then became distracted by some litter.  Still thinking I was being careful, I stepped towards another piece of litter and thought “umm the poo must be nearby I can smell it” – but guess what – the inevitable had happened, I had stepped right into the poop with my new boots! 

After a few choice words and scraping my boots over the grass and other vegetation, I had to laugh at myself and thought – “I guess I’ll be keeping the boots then!”  Luckily the fit is OK.


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Gardener’s Journal – 3/22/11 Gardener’s Journal – 3/31/11

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